SPFPA Local 506 Members It's Time Your Voices Are Heard 

No More Phony SPFPA Local 506 Union Elections - No More Threats 

No More Subcontracting - We Need to Protect Our Jobs - We Demand Job Security 

Our goal is to sign up 51% of the SPFPA Local 506 Members @  Wells Fargo Center so we can decertify SPFPA & Bring in a New Union.

This website was created on behalf of SPFPA Local 506 members to inform them on what's really going on at the SPFPA International Union as well as SPFPA Local 506.


SPFPA Ronald Reagan Union Dues - SPFPA Corruption
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Section 7 rights of the National Labor Relations Act (the Act) guarantees employees "the right to self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing, and to engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection," as well as the right "to refrain from any or all such activities."

Now that we started our campaign as EXPECTED, the SPFPA International & LOU have begun their personal smear tactics against its own members which include Scott , Denise, Maryann and several other SPFPA Local 506 members as well as former SPFPA Organizing Director Steve Maritas who was asked by us to help the SPFPA Local 506 members get rid of this Corrupt SPFPA International Union headed by Hickey.

"Please don't fall for these slander tactics. When a person or group doesn't have any merits or accomplishments to stand on they resort to attacking their opponents. We've seen this in countless other arenas; most notably the political arena. This is just FAKE NEWS" - President Trump

While SPFPA is trying to denounce its own Local 506 members, this is nothing more then a SPFPA smokescreen to have you look away from the REAL issues and problems we are having as noted below.

Local 506 Membership ISSUES


Below are just a few of the reasons WHY WE NEED to Change Unions

  • Lou's Salary - Why is Lou Tartack Receiving a $41,332 A Year Salary Plus $6,682 in Health Benefits Paid For by SPFPA Local 506 While Working @ the Wells Fargo Center?

  • No Union Meetings - Why has SPFPA Local 506 President Lou Tartack refusing to hold quarterly Union meetings? What is he hiding? "Over the last 6 Years we only had one Union meeting which was held on 7/10/18. At the last SPFPA Local 506 Union meeting held on 7/10/18 we were promised by SPFPA International President Dave Hickey we would have quarterly meetings going forward. SPFPA President Lou Tartack promised us we would have an election of stewards in September 2018. Yet both these promises by Hickey & Tartack were just outright LIES. Both Hickey & Tartacks WORD Means NOTHING!"

  • NO Election of Shop Stewards - When was the last time you can remember the local having shop steward elections? 

  • NO Union Representation - Lou takes our money each month yet he picks and chooses who he wishes to represent.

  • Scam Local 506 Union Election - In our last Local 506 Union election Lou hid units from us so we could NOT get a Fair Election. We were told Lou also visited unit shops and had members vote on site.

  • Both Lou & Joyce take trips using our DUES MONEY - What about all the TRIPS Lou and Joyce take with our Dues Money which they keep hidden from us? Lou & Joyce are now planning a trip to Lake Buena Vista in 2020 With Our Dues Money!

  • Local 506 Finincial Records - Lou is Refusing to Show all of the Members the Books & Financial Records of the Union WHY?

  • Subcontracting of Our Union Jobs - Lou has allowed management to subcontract our Jobs to NON-UNION employees. This is OUR Job Security!

  • SPFPA Threatens its Members Who Oppose Hickey, Lou or the SPFPA International Union - As noted by the internal charges brought against Scott Denny & Maryann Mount if you decide to challenge the SPFPA International Union, Lou or Hickey, or if you question all of the SPFPA CORRUPTION going on in this union, you will be slandered by SPFPA & Company. This is OUR Union NOT their Union!

BREAKING NEWS: GARDA WORLD Officers File an Election to Decertify Lou & SPFPA Local 506

The above picture is not the actual Garda officers who are involved in this election

Garda World

Case Number: 04-RD-244543

Location: Reading, PA

Date Filed: 07/09/2019

Region Assigned: Region 04, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Status: Open

No. of Employees: 34

Unit Sought: All Drivers, Driver/Guards, Driver/Messengers, ATM Drivers, and Vault/Route Custodians performing Guard Duties as defined in Section 9(b)(3) of the National Labor Relations Act, as amended; who are employed-by the-Employer at its 590 Corporate Drive, Rear Building 5, Reading, PA facility. Excluding all other employees, including cash processing tellers, money room employees, office- clerical employees, professional employees and supervisors as defined in the Act and pursuant to NLRB Case: No. 4-RC-21516 dated February 2, 2009.

Involved Party


Security Police Fire Professionals of America Local Union 506  -  See NLRB SPFPA Local 506 Documents

Take a Closer Look At The REAL TRUTH, Hickey's LIES & Hickey's Criminal Friends & Criminal Associates

Why has Hickey FAILED to talk about SPFPA's Criminal Activity? The TRUTH is SPFPA President Hickey was the target of a Racketeering & Fraud Investigation by both the FBI & Department of Labor who raided his home & office. Hickey also had a number of his representatives, former representatives and SPFPA Local Officers indicted for EMBEZZLEMENT of SPFPA Union Funds. 

Take a Closer Look At The REAL TRUTH, Hickey's LIES & Hickey's Criminal Friends & Criminal Associates

MEET Former SPFPA Region 3 Director Michael Hough (r) shown here with SPFPA President David L. Hickey. While Hough was SPFPA Region 3 Director he Committed a Serious Crime.
It turns out that Former SPFPA Region 3 Director Michael Hough who was the former Vice President of the United Government Security Officers of America met with SPFPA President David Hickey in California thereafter Michael Hough immediately resigned his position as Vice President of UGSOA and became the SPFPA Region 3 Director. See his resignation letter to UGSOA locals.
Michael Hough Plead Guilty to THEFT of Proprietary Information for Stealing his Former Employers mailing list which was given to HICKEY and found on SPFPA's computers by the FBI. Hough Served time in a California Prison for his Crime!
Meet Former SPFPA Washington DC Director and CONVICTED FELON Calab A. Gray-Burriss (r) shown with SPFPA  President David L. Hickey
SPFPA Pres. Hickey Hired his Friend Calab Gray-Burriss who was convicted on six counts of mail fraud, seven counts of theft from a labor organization, one count each of obstruction of justice and criminal contempt, and three counts of union recordkeeping offenses. Why did Hickey FAIL to post this on the Mount Website?

Meet Former SPFPA Washington DC Director Assane Faye who was Convicted Of Embezzling Over $350,000 In Union Funds.

  • Who Hired Faye? Hickey Did!

  • Who did Faye Work for? Hickey!

  • Who did Faye Report to? Hickey!

Assane Faye was HICKEY's former Washington DC Director who was Convicted of Embezzlement & received a sentence of 37 months in prison for Embezzling Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in Union Funds for his Personal Use. Faye also must pay $350,000 in restitution. Read the full report here.

Meet Former SPFPA Local President & Assistant SPFPA International Automotive Director Devon Madray, who PLEAD GUILTY to Stealing SPFPA Union Funds.  Read story here.


  • Who Hired Madray? Hickey Did!

  • Who did Madray Work for? Hickey!

  • Who did Madray Report to? Hickey!

SPFPA Brings Charges Against Local 506 Members

Scott Denny & Maryann Mount

SPFPA President David L. Hickey Threatens Scott Denny with a Lawsuit for Speaking Up & Exercising His Section 7 Rights

SPFPA Local 506 Union Member Maryann Mount was also Threatened with Charges & a Lawsuit for speaking out against SPFPA & Local 506

SPFPA International President David L. Hickey brought charges against two (2) SPFPA Local 506 members Scott Denny & Maryann Mount for speaking up against the leadership of SPFPA & its Local 506

SPFPA International Trustee & SPFPA Local 506 President Lou Tartack is under federal investigation for making threats against SPFPA Local 506 members & other related charges.







SPFPA-LOCAL-506-LM2-REPORTS-007-196 (LM2) 03_31_2018

SPFPA Union Dues Charges - Radio Interview
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Radio Interview of SPFPA Violating its Members Rights at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington DC 

SPFPA Local 506 Member Maryann Mount

Presently SPFPA Local 506 President Lou Tartack works  @ the Wells Fargo Center while he gets paid from the Union. Our Dues Money! He should NOT be receiving a $41,332 Salary PLUS $6,682 in Health Benefits especially when he works at the Wells Fargo Center. This is WRONG!


This does NOT include his $7,038 salary & disbursements as SPFPA International Trustee. Source: 2018 SPFPA DOL filings.

Why has SPFPA Local 506 President Lou Tartack refusing to hold quarterly Union meetings? What is he hiding?


"Over the last 6 Years we only had one Union meeting which was held on 7/10/18. At the last SPFPA Local 506 Union meeting held on 7/10/18 we were promised by SPFPA International President Dave Hickey we would have quarterly meetings going forward. SPFPA President Lou Tartack promised us we would have an election of stewards in September 2018. Yet both these promises by Hickey & Tartack were just outright LIES. Both Hickey & Tartacks WORD Means NOTHING!"


SPFPA Local 506 Member 

-------- Original message --------

From: "Gordon A. Gregory" <Gordon@unionlaw.net>

Date: 5/30/19 10:45 AM (GMT-05:00)

To: scottbdenny@XXXXXXXmaryannmount@XXXXXXXXX

Cc: "Alvo-Sadiky, Lea" <Lea.Alvo-Sadiky@nlrb.gov>

Subject: International Union, SPFPA - Internal Charges


Mr. Denny and Ms. Mount:


The purpose of this communication is to clarify the Charges filed against you by International President David L. Hickey on or about March 15, 2019.


Due to oversight the Charges did not set forth the International Constitution provision violated. The Charges are currently in abeyance but are amended to reflect a filing pursuant to Article XXI which was amended as set forth in the attached Resolution of the International Executive Board.


Any further proceeding will be in accordance with Article XXI, Sections 1. and 14. as amended.


Gordon A. Gregory, General Counsel

International Union, SPFPA

Gregory, Moore, Brooks & Clark, PC

65 Cadillac Square, Suite 3727

Detroit, MI 48226


313-964-2125 FAX

Its Time For SPFPA Local 506 Members to Take Action

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